Open tickets in gloox (41)

Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
9Support for XEP-0033UnconfirmedEnhancement1. Lowglooxtmarkmann (at) googlemail (dot) comJakob Schröter01/11/07    
22Check XEP-0004 (Dataforms) implementation against recent changesAssignedBug2. MediumglooxJakob SchröterJakob Schröter07/23/07    
61DNS queries are blockingAcceptedBug2. Mediumglooxgloox (at) pureftpd (dot) orgJakob Schröter02/29/0810/19/09   
116Big CPU usage with base64 encodingUnconfirmedBug1. Lowglooxhanzz (dot) k (at) gmail (dot) com 02/08/0902/08/09   
145Support for Message Archiving (XEP-0136)AssignedEnhancement1. Lowglooxsatyacse94 (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter08/10/0909/12/1608/16/09  
158Autogenerated SE types?UnconfirmedEnhancement2. Mediumglooxeuroelessar (at) gmail (dot) com 10/18/0910/22/09   
161XPath parser is not namespace-awareAcceptedBug2. Mediumglooxeuroelessar (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter10/25/0903/04/1010/25/09  
167Registration::createAccount() fails against openfireAcceptedBug2. Mediumglooxsrosset (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter12/19/0907/22/1312/19/09  
168MUCInvitationHandler::handleMUCInvitation fires upon MUCRoom::joinUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxmarcus (dot) frenkel (at) gmail (dot) com 12/20/09    
174Incoming IBB with "message" stanzasUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxlarry (at) msm (dot) ru 03/30/10  03/30/10 
179Impossible to change MessageSession's resourceUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxeuroelessar (at) ya (dot) ru 05/02/10    
182PubSub Subscription fails to call handleMessageUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxrjackson78746 (at) yahoo (dot) com 05/27/1005/27/10 05/27/10 
184ChatStateFilter problemUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxeuroelessar (at) ya (dot) ru 05/27/1003/13/15   
185MUCRoomHandler doesn't receive private messagesUnconfirmedBug1. Lowglooxalexfav619 (at) gmail (dot) com 07/21/10    
188BOSH extension: Add support for "NTLMv2" and "Digest" to authentication schemes for http proxyUnconfirmedEnhancement2. Mediumglooxsumeet (dot) singh (at) gmail (dot) com 09/08/10  10/31/10 
191auto generated stanza ID causes connection issueAcceptedBug3. Highglooxmarcus (dot) frenkel (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter11/01/1010/15/13   
196DiscoNodeHandlerAcceptedBug2. Mediumglooxliuch (at) mail (dot) ruJakob Schröter04/24/1204/26/12   
200OTR (cypherpunks)UnconfirmedEnhancement2. Mediumglooxjulyagain+formo (at) live (dot) com 08/26/1204/25/15   
207Connection hangs and times out after receiving the stream:stream tag during the connection phaseAssignedBug3. Highglooxerik (at) ejohansson (dot) seJakob Schröter07/13/1309/21/1309/21/13  
209rosterFilled() calls notifyOnConnect()UnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxperez (dot) didac (at) gmail (dot) com 07/24/13    
210Presence extension must have a when() methodUnconfirmedEnhancement2. Mediumglooxperez (dot) didac (at) gmail (dot) com 07/24/1307/24/13   
213init() method is called in notifyOnDisconnect() in clientbase.cppUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxperez (dot) didac (at) gmail (dot) com 08/28/13    
225gloox doesn't handle lost of connectionUnconfirmedBug3. Highglooxvanyok (at) msx (dot) ru 02/17/14    
230How can I Create a Jingle::Content object by using a Tag instance?UnconfirmedBug1. Lowglooxleerymatthew (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter04/15/1404/16/14   
239error: ISO C++ does not support ‘long long’AcceptedBug2. Mediumglooxcamaya (at) ryandesign (dot) comJakob Schröter07/14/1409/12/14   
244XEP-0128 supportUnconfirmedEnhancement1. Lowglooxgadgetofish (at) gmail (dot) com 12/05/1412/16/14   
246ConnectionTLS will cause memory leaks!AcceptedBug2. MediumglooxSimon_Guo (at) sdc (dot) sercomm (dot) comJakob Schröter01/20/1502/01/15   
247ChatStateFilter vs MessageEventFilter stops to recieve notification after sending messageUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxshmakov (dot) ivan (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter03/13/1506/25/15   
254RosterManager::synchronize() is not thread safe!UnconfirmedBug3. Highglooxmatias (dot) snellingen (at) outlook (dot) com 08/17/1508/17/15   
255ClientBase::disconnect( ConnectionError reason ) may cause an access violation!UnconfirmedBug3. Highglooxmatias (at) snellingen (dot) comJakob Schröter09/23/1509/24/15   
261VS2010 compile errorUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumgloox501209778 (at) qq (dot) com 06/06/1606/06/16   
269How to compile for AndroidUnconfirmedBug1. Lowglooxlnj (at) wolke7 (dot) net 06/16/1706/16/17   
270Android - Fails to reconnectUnconfirmedBug3. Highglooxmichael (dot) ayles (at) melrosecomputing (dot) com 07/04/1707/06/17   
277No prefixed xml namespaceUnconfirmedBug1. Lowglooxdrizt72 (at) zoho (dot) eu 07/31/1808/01/18   
283Detailed validation of JIDUnconfirmedEnhancement1. Lowglooxpulkomandy (at) pulkomandy (dot) tkJakob Schröter07/13/1912/08/19   
286XEP 0402 bookmarksUnconfirmedEnhancement1. Lowglooxpulkomandy (at) pulkomandy (dot) tk 09/29/1909/29/19   
288Review of Design - PubSubUnconfirmedEnhancement1. Lowglooxstefan+xmpp (at) debxwoody (dot) de 12/15/1912/15/19   
290Haiku support patchAcceptedEnhancement1. Lowglooxpulkomandy (at) gmail (dot) comJakob Schröter03/28/2011/22/23   
294Gloox has '#define lookup' in global headers.UnconfirmedBug1. Lowglooxwraitii (at) gmail (dot) com 05/01/2105/01/21   
295getaddrinfo breaks 0 A.D. Multiplayer LobbyUnconfirmedBug2. Mediumglooxalexey (dot) tourbin (at) gmail (dot) com 08/09/2108/09/21   
298Contributing code for glooxUnconfirmedEnhancement1. Lowgloox412555203 (at) qq (dot) com 12/06/2212/06/22